Bringing science to the art

of human judgment.

You are invited to take part in a research project.

Your judgment is perhaps the most important asset that your start-up has. It is scrutinized by investors; it is relied upon by early team members; it is tested in the marketplace by early customers.

As important as entrepreneurial judgment is, it is a difficult characteristic for others to discern and to measure. The purpose of this research project is to bring greater insight and clarity to the process by which entrepreneurs assess their options when making judgment calls in the face of uncertainty and ambiguity during this critical stage of the founding of their companies.

Participation will require about 20 minutes of your time and will involve your responding to an online assessment instrument. In return, you will gain valuable insight about your own personal evaluative thought patterns.

If you are a company founder, co-founder, or founding team member of an early-stage startup, and you would like to consider participating in this research, please  read on....

Or, send me an email to my college address, which is: