Our passion is to help entrepreneurs succeed.

At the Idea Stage, you have an idea for a business.. You're working hard to turn that idea into a reality. You're searching for clarity.


You're probably working somewhere else full-time, but the pull of your idea keeps tugging at you.


Now is the best time to take stock of yourself. What do you really want? What are you best at?


We're not talking now about skills, though those are important, too. We're talking about you. How strong is your judgment? How balanced is it? Where can you strengthen it...starting get ready for the race ahead?


We work with entrepreneurs at the Idea stage to know themselves, to understand where their judgment is strongest and where it needs work.  Now is the ideal time for you to get mentally ready for their next step into entrepreneurship.


Believe it or not, you've got more time for self-development now than you will have again in the near-future.


Begin by investing 20 minutes in yourself. Call us at: 1-207-251-0301 and, if you qualify, we invite you, for a limited time,  to take a FREE online assessment of your entrepreneurial judgment.


We'll send you a brief report of the strengths of your Leadership in 3 vital areas.


If you find that valuable, you can request an in-depth report that measures your judgment in 54 vital areas, including a one-on-one consultation with Cliff Hurst to interpret those results and to develop specific, concrete action steps you decide to take as a result fo this insight.


This step is not free, but it is invaluable. For only $150, it may be the best investment of time and dollars you can make in yourself and your Idea at this stage.