Our passion is to help entrepreneurs succeed.

You've got a co-founder; maybe more than one. You have established a business entity, probably a web site; maybe a prototype. You're experimenting  with customer development. You have the amibtion to build a scalable company.


There's a lot on your plate, including figuring out how to work together as a team.


Your challenge now is to reduce friction among your team... to keep moving in the right direction... to ensure that everyone is bringing the best of themselves to the project.


Already, the need for your skill as a leader is becoming more and more evident to you.


We work with entrepreneurs in the startup stage in two ways:


First, we recommend that everyone in your core management team take part in the same assessment of judgment that we described for the Idea stage. Further, we help you take a deeper dive into what makes each of you "tick" and what you need to do to "click" as a team.


Second, we can bring our years of experience as an  executive coach (Cliff) and as a serial entrepreneur (Venkat) to help you develop the leadership skills you need, and that your co-founders will need, as you prepare to move to the Rampup stage.