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Customer Testimonials

Turning an idea into a vaiable business is full of uncertainty. It takes courage, leadership, and flawless execution. Making the right decisions and avoiding mistakes is key for the success of every startup--in building the product, taking it to market, and hiring and managing a high-performance team to grow the business. Our ability to make the right decisions in every situation is what distinguishes successful founders from everyone else. This is a fast, but very powerful assessment that gives you the insights to understand and develop your entrepreneurial judgment and be successful in building a high-growth business. it is a very valuable tool for every startup founder. (Kam V.)

Cliff has creaed a very interesting research methodology to evaluate an individual's fit for the entrepreneurship journey. The survey itself was very short and rather puzzling in terms of the kinds of questions asked. However, I was amazed at the kind of inferences that were deduced based on my responses. In my case, I was pleased to find out that I had many of the key qualities needed to make my journey :) At the very least, Cliff can benefit every byddung entrepreneur to gain insight into aspects of their personality and experience that points to preparedness for an exciting entrepreneurial journey ahead! (Vinay I.)

Cliff helped to evaluate my personal strategy by identifying areas I need improvement and strengthening of core skills. He gave me the confidence that I can face the challenges ahead and re-evaluate my priorities. (Srinivas C.)

I was very skeptical of how insightful a 10 minute exercise could be, but when Cliff sat down to explain the results to me, I was blown away by how accurate the results were. This assessment helped me gain the perspective to identify a potential problem between my partner and myself and deal with it early so that it did not fester and threaten the viability of our startup. Thanks, Cliff!  (Andrew D.)

I found this exercise to be an enlightening evaluation of the soft skills that are crucial to being an effective and successful entrepreneur. Early stage entrepreneurs have many obstacles to overcome; this helps me better understand my own judgment and leadership qualities so that I can build a team to complement these skills and become more confident in my own abilities.

        --Eric Zellhart, Territory Manager, LiquidSpace